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Frank Foster
(Count Basie Orchestra, Grammy awarded composer and arranger)

..."Discommotion"... the blazing ensemble finishes
out this tune with a big bang, but not before a
screaming trumpet (Andrea Tofanelli) heats it
up further with some torrid solo lines culminating
in the ferocious blasting out of a triple high C.
I have not heard the likes of this on any previous
big band recording…

(E. Rava, most famous Italian jazz artist)

...I was left literally speechless when
I heard Andrea Tofanelli for the first
time as he guided the trumpet section
from stratospheric heights
with swing and sound as big as a house...
Andrea Tofanelli, this musician whose trumpet
seems to start where it leaves off
for most other trumpeters…

(F. Martinelli, journalist and jazz reviewer - All About Jazz)

...Andrea Tofanelli
for his high register work is the closest
approximation to Maynard Ferguson
that Italy has ever produced,
but he's also a sensitive soloist...

(International Trumpet Guild, USA - T. Erdmann, Elon University, NC)

Tofanelli has never sounded better.
His tone is more round, his upper range more
full-bodied, and his usual perfection of the trumpet's
stratosphere even more acute than ever..
Tofanelli offers 40 minutes
of guns-ablaze pyrothchnics.
Light on improvised solos,
that show him to be as nimble
as any contemporary...

(All About Jazz 2010, USA - N. F. Mondello, journalist and jazz reviewer)

Not since Maynard Ferguson reigning at the
Olympus of trumpeting have such sounds
been heard... Tofanelli has scaled the heights
of his instrument and the trumpet world,
with a near-superhuman ability to take
the trumpet into and beyond the rarefied realm
frequented by the likes of Maynard Ferguson,
Cat Anderson and Bud Brisbois....
A sky-high phenomenon.

"There is an international trumpet community,
The music and love for our horn
must unite and not divide.
It's a unique feeling, a deep spirit
that unites people from all over the world
around this wonderful instrument."

(international Trumpet Guild, USA - D. Bohnert, Wayne State College, NE)

The performances are outstanding,
and Tofanelli's stellar trumpet playing
showcases his extremely wide range
and easy upper register...

(ALL About Jazz 2010, USA - N. F. Mondello, journalist and jazz reviewer)

Tofanelli's ability and restrained taste
on flugelhorn shine beautifully.
"Father" and "Dania's Theme"
show that he has the intelligence
and artistic heart to make it always
about the music, the phrase and the
ensemble, and not only the register...

(A. Gianolio, journalist and jazz reviewer - Musica Jazz)

Tofanelli has been the only one in Italy
to receive the honor of being invited
to perform with the Maynard Ferguson's
orchestra in Italy: his technique,
very similar to that of the great
Canadian trumpet master,
is astonishing for its absolute
mastery in the high range notes.

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